Tim Gabets

Hi, I'm 🔐timgabets. I am a software developer, primarily working now with C/C++ and Oracle in the Fintech area, but I'm also still practicing some Python for my personal projects. I'm currently employed by BPC Banking Technologies where I work as a front end developer (it's now the web front-end, it's the real-time financial authorization processing).

In the past I worked for TSYS and MyceliumSwish as well as some other smaller projects, sometimes even not related to software engineering.

I earned my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science in Moscow Tech in 2016. Also in the past I successfully completed some graduate courses at Harvard Extension School, which I'm still very proud of.

If you happen to have any questions or would simply like to contact me you can do so by email. You can also find me on Github and Deezer.

My GPG key is CD5A97B2 registered using Email address tim@gabets.ru. Other keys registered on my name are no longer in use.

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